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Start a business

Choosing a right form of business entity is crucial to a successful organization. This is an important step to analyse and weight relative advantages and disadvantages to find the most suitable form of business entity which will yield the highest net advantage.


Non-Profit/Non-Govt. Organisation

NPO’s can be registered in India in number of ways, choosing the right structure while it’s formation, taking further registrations for receiving tax exemptions and maintaining proper compliance with appropriate government agency that regulates that types of NPO’s is equally important.


Tax Registration

A business operates in a society where it consumes more resources than others, due to limitations of these resources’ businesses need to compensate the society and that compensation is called TAX. The authority to levy and collect tax is with ‘’GOVERNMENT OF INDIA’’ which in turn uses that amount in the welfare of society.


Intellectual Property Rights

IPR includes Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Geographical indications of goods, Design. The term Intellectual property relates to the creations of human mind and human intellect, which has no limitations with respect to earning profits. These are the rights which can be transferred to others also.


MCD License​

Municipal Corporations are the local governing body under the laws of the state in which they are located. A business operating in concern municipal limit has to take certain registrations from the respective Municipal Corporation so as to ensure that relevant rules, safety measures and guidelines has been followed.


FSSAI License​

Food related laws in India are now been strengthening at very high pace, FSSAI is the governing body with respect to food in India. Registration & Licensing of all food businesses is now compulsory in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Act.


Foreign Trade​

Foreign Trade is the most regulated sector in India. Entering in Foreign Trade business requires number of registrations and more importantly the compliance and disclosures, if fails to comply then penal provisions will apply. On the other hand, many exemptions can be availed in case of exports.


Employees Registration​

Parliament has enacted number of legislations in the area of social security of employees. There are number of Acts framed to regulate the employees working conditions, hours of working, fair remunerations, sick benefits, medical benefits, disability benefits, etc. Every organisation which falls under the criteria specified in these acts shall compulsorily be registered under respective Act.


Digital Signature

A DSC looks like a pen drive which contains encrypted sign of the holder. A DSC nowadays is very commonly used device due to DIGITAL INDIA initiative; number of processes can be completed only when it is accessed online. Places where DSC is required- ROC, INCOME TAX, GOVERNMENT TENDERS, BANKING, RAILWAYS, etc.

Why choose us
“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Businesses need legal guidance at each progression to continue running with no problems. Furthermore, with the team of legal counselors close by, you are certain to keep the compliances checked!

Choose as your online legitimate associate to deal with business legalities directly from enlisting your business to tax filings and regular compliance.

A team of professionals dedicated to serve with through their expert knowledge and experience that build trust with the people which help us to serve the business better.

Always on time

At Lawwise we provide you tracking facility of services you subscribed for, this helps you to know the status of your work anytime just by logging into your account on our website. This facility eliminates idle time from your work process and saves your precious time and money too.

Reasonable Pricing

We do not guarantee lowest price range but provides the best total value of what we charge to our customers. Here at Lawwise we have favorable refund policy for our customers in case of any insufficiency in services.

Easy Documentation

Now you don’t have to worry about complex documentation procedure while seeking registration or approval from governmental authorities or other organizations. We take care of all the formalities for you and furnish you with a stress-free experience.

Confidential & Safe

We have very strict privacy policies with respect to your confidentiality and safety. We before render any services enter into a contract with the client which prevents us legally to share any of your information with anyone.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

When you get the work done on time and that too at reasonable prices with 100% confidentiality and safety then the satisfaction is guaranteed for sure. We have a quick redressal system in which we resolve the queries raised by our clients within few minutes in case of high urgency.


What Our clients say?

Team Lawwise not only filled our trademark application but before filing it, they guide us skilfully and expedi ti ously to discover a u nique brand name which straight aw ay got registered within few months avoiding any type of objections on it.
The personnel of Lawwise are very well ac quainted with practical and procedural aspects of company formation and con version and have updated knowledge of all provisions and rules of Companies Act. Tim ely f ollow up with department ( ROC and more concern for their clients makes them different from other market players.
If it about taking about taking legal & financial services online then I would hig hly recommend Lawwise, t hese guys ensure timely completion of services and their regular follow ups prevent us to take any amount of stress.
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Be Wise with Lawwise

Lawwise is an online platform where we have a dedicated team of professionals helping entrepreneurs to remove the hindrance of all business laws prevailing in India.

We get the work done faster and at reasonable prices and give the money back guarantee if we fail to do so.

We believe that any person should do what he do best, an entrepreneur where he works on productivity, customer loyalty, level of quality, business value, profits and much more need not to be stuck in legal and regulatory compliances. We provide all business services required to start a new business, to run the business and if in any unforeseen circumstances it needs to be closed, we do take care of it for you.

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