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Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting

Any business whether small medium or big is accountable at the end of the financial year for the income tax payment on income earned during the previous year.

It will be impossible for the business owners to calculate the income earned during the previous year if proper systems of accounting are not in place. Which in turn burden the business for Income tax liabilities which further, in turn, make it difficult to do business.

So, in order to run your business smoothly and profitably, one should have a proper accounting system in place and for that outsourcing, your accounting from an expert like us is a wise option.

tax services

Seek Valuable advice from experts

There are a number of taxation laws in India, each having their own eligibility, criteria’s and conditions. Any person who is planning to start a business need not open bare acts for taxation laws instead hire a knowledgeable Tax Advisor like Lawwise to seek valuable advice from experts to know the applicability of the number of taxation laws on their business.

We tried our best to provide you knowledge of all taxation laws through blog writing but still due to frequent change in the law it is advisable to have a word with our experts before taking any decision for your business, we are just a phone call away from you.

So, it is advisable to hire Lawwise before starting any business to take care of all taxation laws which are applicable to your business.

Legal Advisory

Your Legal Partner

There is a phrase which says – IGNORANCE OF LAW HAS NO EXCUSE which means that not having knowledge of the law cannot be a reason for forgiveness in case of breach of that law. Any law before its application is published in official gazette of India which is in public domain, so it has been assumed that you must have knowledge of the law and any breach will be liable for the penalty defined.

Making Lawwise your legal partner will help you in many ways as it helps you to grow your business without any government interventions, minimizing cost of operation business due to no penalties, raising finances easily as no banks or financial institution finances companies who makes default in abiding laws and in many other ways.